a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Charity Vote

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Charity Vote

SUMMARY: From Wishy the Writer, an online vote.

Wishy says:

I heard about a charity in Iowa that matches agility dogs with disabled kids and they are up for a huge grant if they receive the most online votes this week. Thought I'd pass the info on. I have no connection with this charity. Just thought it sounded good. Read more here. Pass it on...

(FYI, you need to supply your email address to vote. I read the site's privacy policy and the contest rules, and it's not clear whether the email address used to confirm that you're placing only one vote is used ONLY for that and not for "Terlato or authorized Terlato partners and resellers". I've sent email asking for clarification; will edit this post if I get a response. Also note that the online vote counts for only 15% of the final decision; 85% is decided by a panel of judges. -Taj MuttHall)

Update July 23; email from Terlato Wines in response to my query: We are truly glad you alerted us to this matter, as we too agree consumers should be able to proactively opt-out of any solicitations. The full name and e-mail must be entered only to ensure people are not voting twice in one day, and the system was actually not set up to store these entries in any database. As a result, we did not offer an opt-out, and we are revising the Web site to clarify.

We are also reviewing our Privacy Policy to determine appropriate changes based on your concerns.

Thank you,

Megan Ward
Assistant Marketing Manager
Terlato Wines International


  1. w00f's Taj Mutts, nice to meet u all, me thinks that iz a pawsome charity, and me went and voted...will put a link to ur bloggy on mine...mite git sum more votes..

    b safe,

  2. oooh, important caveats, you found! Thanks for posting. I guess I'm still glad I voted and I'll probably log on and do so until the 21st, but ick, the corporate caveats.. ick. Still, I hope the seemingly worthy charity gets their money!