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Friday, August 01, 2008

Tired of Sleeping WITH Dogs? Sleep IN one!

SUMMARY: Americana in Idaho.

The Dog Bark Park Inn sounds like a wonderful place to go. (I found it in American Lifestyle Magazine's June/July 2008 issue--and this photo is theirs, too).

I got a quick response to my query about dogs being allowed:

Yes! responsible dogs who arrive with their well behaved humans are indeed welcome to stay. $10 additional per/dog applies.
Also, our grounds are not fenced & dogs must be with their people at all times. We have nearly four acres of roaming room for all. Hope you will plan to visit. Call us for additional information or to make reservations. We're glad to make suggestions for activities in the area.

Now I'm ready to start making plans for a dog trip to Idaho! I could start by a visit to Crystalwood Lodge (owned by former Bay Teamers, very dog friendly, "Southern Oregon's premiere pet-friendly destination") in Klamath Falls. (Photo is from my bittersweet trip there in February 2003; more photos here. I've longed to go back with healthy dogs.)

Then I'd have to fill in all the blanks between there and Idaho and home again. I don't usually take dogs on vacation with me, but this could be fun. Maybe next year?

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