a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Whine. Pause. Whine. Pause. Whine.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Whine. Pause. Whine. Pause. Whine.

SUMMARY: Boost is bored.

When Boost thinks that I have been sitting at my computer long enough, this is what she does. Stand outside the door to my office and stare at me. For maybe an hour. How can Border Collies do that? I couldn't stand in one place and stare for even 5 minutes without noticing that maybe the glass is dirty and going and cleaning all my windows.

But maybe I would find it easier to do if I had an extra thing to do while staring. Like Boost does. Whine. Pause. Whine. Pause. Whine. Pause. Whine. For an hour. With brief stretches of bemused silence after I scream "cut it out you're driving me nuts" with my fingers tangled in my hair.

Fortunately today I will be going off to an unopened open space preserve to survey wildflowers. No staring dogs.


  1. A difference between border collies and a gang of small dogs is when the leader of small dogs decides that there is too long at a computer by the human, the evil small dog leader may gather the forces to go over by the computer, all sit there and start all howling together until someone throws the toy. Really, really, loud howling.

  2. While I can't discount the coercive strength of really, really loud howling, the whine-pause-whine strategy is similar in power to the infamous Chinese water torture.

  3. how i wish my dog will stare at me like that...

    when i work, my dog will SLEEP!

  4. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence/dog door/whatever.