a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Dang Steeplechase

Monday, April 14, 2008

Dang Steeplechase

SUMMARY: Dang Steeplechase.

I thought for a moment that Tika had completed her Tournament Master Gold this weekend, but noooo-- she needs one more Steeplechase for that. Faugh! We cannot run a clean steeplechase to save our lives. We also have earned only one Steeplechase Q in the last year and a half. For us, it's not the TIME; she's plenty fast enough as the following table shows. It's just that, when she's between 0 and 5 seconds under time, we earn a 5-point fault, which (scoring on time plus faults) puts us out of the running; when she is more than 5 seconds under time so that we actually have room for a 5-point fault, she earns 10 faults. And, gadzooks, the couple of times that we haven't earned faults--we run past a thing or two, wasting enough time to put us over time!

We are so bloody consistent in our failure strategy! I wish I could be so consistent n a SUCCESS strategy!

Here it is in ugly black and white since September 2006. I say again, faugh!
Qual our
SCT under
time by
faults notes best
n 36.4 40.19 n/a E offcourse 31.71
n 34.44 40.46 6.02 10 2 bars 32.13
n 41.76 38.42 -3.34 ran beyond Afr and past a tunnel (lots of wasted time) 29.84
n 37.3 43.05 5.75 10 2 bars 32.65
n 39.98 39.04 -0.94 bobbled BOTH weave entries 30.1
Q 39.68 40.43 0.75 bobbled one weave entry 31.64
n n/a E offcourse
n 32.96 37.92 4.96 10 2 bars 29.61
n 34.51 35.66 1.15 5 bar and pulled her past a jump (wasted time) 27.59
n 28.86 35.2 6.34 10 hit broad & bar 26.94
n 30.69 32.72 2.03 5 popped Afr 24.82
n n/a E offcourse
n 37.24 37.29 0.05 5 bar 28.95


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  2. that einstein chart really looks complicated to me..

    i hope you can switch your consistency path

  3. I don't think I understood any of that, I just came in to make sure you were still alive! And you know you're missed when I leave "home" to do that...