a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Phun With Photography

Friday, April 18, 2008

Phun With Photography

SUMMARY: The renter played with the beasts this evening, so I had a chance to try some action shots.

None of these have the sharpest focus. It was overcast and getting darkish; that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. I used the SLR's automatic sports setting instead of figuring out my own settings--and things were still only fair to middling. Every one of these shots I cropped and/or tweaked the lighting. But you might enjoy them anyway. This is the best of 160. And I actually convinced myself to delete a whole bunch of the worst ones. But not 100. Even though only maybe a dozen are worth looking at again. Dork.

Wrestling for the toy is so much more fulfilling than chasing it. This is the dog who won't stick to a toy at class or competitions because, she claims, she's not really into toys.

"C'mon, the ball's right here! Nice and juicy ball! I've got it all lined up for you! Really, I'll let you kick it if you want to! Lucy and Charlie Brown? Whoozat?"

Boost drops the toy, turns, and blasts off because she knows that The Kick is coming.

This is my favorite shot: Tika trying to block the kick.

What Tika does between wrestling with the ball, chasing it, and not bringing it back. Eat grass. This enables her to spend half her zooming-around time horking on grass blades. I'm sure that's deeply fulfilling in some berserk twisted canine fashion, too.

Try THIS with your agility Mastiff.

I like the sweet little coy expression on Boost's face as she munges the ball.

"OK, enough running; the ball is mine now!" Complete with punk-canine-stylish inside-out ear.

You know that dogs keep most of their tongue rolled up in a compartment in the back of their mouth and unroll it only for special occasions.

Boost's favorite activity: Circling. And circling. And circling. And circling. Did I mention circling?

But Boost will fetch the ball no matter where it lands, even in the compost bin. Who left that open, anyway?


  1. great pictures. I too erally like the one Tika in action. I also really like the compost pic ;o)

  2. Great pics! Love the action shots...