a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Photos in Clean Run

Monday, April 28, 2008

Photos in Clean Run

SUMMARY: Have camera, will photograph.

Well, I don't have an article in Clean Run yet, but they did buy a couple of my photos from the Rachel Sanders running-contacts seminar that I attended in January. Which, at the time, I thought I was taking only for myself until Rachel asked me about it later in the day.

It's a pretty good article, too (yeah, the photos are the most important thing of course!), including explanations of why she's using this method and why the various steps are important. May 2008 issue, page 41. Those weren't even the photos that I thought were the best or the most interesting, but there ya go. I did, however, use one of them in my post about the seminar.

The moral of the story is: Always carry a camera. And don't be afraid to use it.


  1. Now I'll ask you what my daughter asks me whenever I get a little ditty in a newspaper or a magazine or something... "Does this mean you're famous?"

    You're a famous photographer now, right?

    Good on ya!

  2. Well, yah! You've heard of me, right? Ergo, famous!