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Friday, April 04, 2008

Big Show Statistics

SUMMARY: Haute TRACS 4-day trial is coming up; how big is it? And a comparison with our smallish March CPE trial (well--what Bay Team considers small). And a comparison to the February Turlock CPE trial (which was really tiny for around here).

April 10-14 is the mongo four-day Haute TRACS trial (technically, two 2-day trials hosted by Haute Dawgs and by Two Rivers Agility Club of Sacramento). This event is huge, even though it's not a regional. It's LIKE a regional but with a whole extra day! These people are insane! I signed up for only three of the four days because it kills me!

I'm always fascinated by trial statistics. (Well, you knew I had a sorry excuse for a life anyway.)

TrialHaute TRACSBay Team March CPEVAST Feb CPE
Dogs entered407201100 (est)
Number of runs / scribe sheets4,6301,383600 (est)
Most common breeds173 Border Collie
42 Australian Shepherd
39 Sheltie
24 All American (under assorted breed names)
12 Jack Russell Terrier
36 All American
33 Border Collie
28 Australian Shepherd
10 Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)
8 Sheltie
Most popular dog names4 Piper
3 Callie
3 Chase
3 Maddie
3 Murphy
3 Sadie
3 Sydney
People entered267155
Number of judges/rings5/43/31/2

I'm meeting with the secretary and friend(s) to assemble those scribe sheets this weekend. That's putting 4,600 stickers on individual sheets without getting anything out of order. Oh--and watching the Iditarod on TV! And eating! (Agility is all about the food. Contrary to what you might have ever heard me say before.)


  1. Yeah, it's a big 'un! It's gonna be quite a ride to judge for 4 days straight! :)

    Doesn't your secretary have a program that already prints the pertinent information on the sheets? Tim's (judge Tim... the one in FL) program prints all the info. on the sheets so you don't have to use stickers.

    Have a fun weekend! :)

  2. We've discovered by trial (no pun intended) and error over the years that the sticker method is less error-prone. Printing on paper, you spend ages cutting the sheets and then making sure that you somehow get them into the right order--it's just easier to have all the stickers already in the right order and then just apply them to the pages. It takes about the same amount of time, unless you mess up the cut sheets, in which case the paper method takes longer than the sticker method.


  3. How did you make out at the show and the 4600 stickers?

  4. Haven't gotten there yet--leaving for our "scribe sheet party" in about half an hour. And the show starts Thursday. So much time, so much more to fill it!