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Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Word on FCI World Cup Tail Docking

Ah--apparently it's the FCI's choice of a host country for this year. Seems to me that this wasn't well thought out; if the FCI is gradually phasing out docking and cropping, it should hold events in locations that respect its rules. This means that docking and cropping are most likely out for 2007 but, who knows, might be back in later years until phased out completely.

My impression from (again) word of mouth is that it's not final on whether (a) AKC dogs with cropping and docking will be given an exemption somehow, or (b) FCI will somehow come up with an exemption for its event at this late date. I still haven't found a statement from the AKC on the issue.

Here's a statement from The Kennel Club (England):

The FCI World Agility Championships 2007 is to be held in Norway and since 1997 the showing of docked tailed dogs has been prohibited in this country.

As a consequence the Kennel Club has been informed that dogs with docked tails may not compete at this year’s Agility World Championships. To include such a dog in the Kennel Club’s team could lead to the dog’s owner breaking Norwegian law. Therefore, regrettably, dogs with docked tails should not be entered in the FCI Team qualifying trials to be held later this year. (Link)

And if you want to read what the UK is going through with the recent banning of docking and cropping, go here.

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