a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Video of Tika's Sunday Standard

Monday, April 30, 2007

Video of Tika's Sunday Standard

SUMMARY: OK, I'm experimenting again.

This is a Quicktime movie again (download latest QT). I'm trying to KISS--figured out how to embed it (I think), so I hope it works for people:

Anyway, this was our winning run. You can see that there's lots of room for improvement in some turns and also exits from the Aframe and Teeter (that's because I'm fighting the No You Don't Have Running Contacts battle while she's the presenting Yes I Do, See? argument). The places I'm most pleased with are:

(1) you can hardly see it--from the tunnel after the Aframe, the dog is aimed straight at a jump to the Dogwalk. You have to pull the dog to the center of 3 jumps and then get onto the teeter instead of the dogwalk 10 feet right or the weaves 10 feet left. She pulled beeyootifully, as my grandfather would have said. Many people went off course there.

(2) after the dogwalk, out of the tunnel through the tire to the weaves, she found and made the entry with me about 15 feet away and at full speed, too. Quite a few dogs bobbled that weave entry.


  1. Love the video! Thanks for sharing! You guys look great!

    (p.s....I run a 26 inch dog too so maybe we'll see you at Bay Team Regionals or at nationals)

  2. Excellent! We'll have to figure out who the other person is--I'll have the same trouble with the other bloggers I've met online (not that many--but faces I've barely seen, if at all...)

    I'll undoubtedly be working at the Bay Team trial. Often I'm at a score table. But I love meeting new people and unlike some clubs most of us don't mind being interrupted at the score table.


  3. Wow, Ellen, great run! You guys look great together. And what a nice weave pole entry, very smooth.