a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Internet, Club Members, Big USDAA, and Dreams

Friday, April 06, 2007

Internet, Club Members, Big USDAA, and Dreams

SUMMARY: Site's been down, where Bay Teamers live, upcoming Haute TRACS four-day trial, and how ABOUT all them Border Collies?

  • Internet: Finchester.org has been mostly down for a week. I hope that they've finally got their server fixed. Since I've spent 10 years (maybe more) trying to convince the entire universe to use finchester.org for my email address, I have been cut off from a large part of the universe since last friday. It has been frustrating for me and probably even more so (and very confusing) for the rest of the universe. Well, there ya go, universes are easily confused by daily trials and tribulations.

  • Club member locations: My agility club (of which I am Webmaster For Life, past President, past Member-at-Large, past Archivist, blah blah) has roughly 150 members spread mostly around the San Francisco Bay area. View a map with our distribution, each box has a number per city saying how many members are there. (For some reason it doesn't display full size--but my Mac's cursor automatically turns into a magnifying glass to enlarge it. Don't know what Window does or what other browsers do.)

  • Big USDAA trial in a week: The annual Haute TRACS 4-day USDAA trial starts next Thursday. Once again, I signed up for only 3 days, which means that if either of my dogs Q in Steeplechase (which I'm hoping fervently for), I'd have to stick around all day Sunday with nothing to do but work to get our chance to run in Round 2 for money and glory. Don't know whether I'd do that. And we haven't managed to Q at Haute TRACS the last 2 years, so who knows.

    (Note: Technically, this is two trials; one is Thurs/Fri hosted by Haute Dawgs and one is Sat/Sun hosted by TRACS; they just happen to be consecutive, which allows dogs to move up between trials.)

    This is one of the biggest trials out here because it offers double or more of everything AND offers qualifiers for all three National Tournament Events (Steeplechase, Grand Prix, and Team). People come from all over. Mostly California north and south, but we also have entrants from Canada, Colorado, Oregon, Arizona, Washington, Utah, Nevada, Mississippi, and New Mexico. If you want to see all the stats, including how many by breed, dog name, level, class, and so on, see this PDF. (Full trial info here.)

  • Dreams: I woke from a dream Wednesday night that left me disquieted: I was at an agility trial, and for some odd dreamlike reason all the competing dogs had to be with their owners, on leash, out on the field at the same time. There must have been 300 dogs all together, a veritable sea of canine agilitage surrounding me and my blue merle Boost. And they were, with only a half dozen reddish brown or yellowish exceptions, black and white border colies. An ocean of black and white border collies. A vast plethoric assemblage of black and white border collies. And my thought was, "Oh, no, it's all over, no one does agility with anything but black and white border collies any more." It was a strong enough disappointment to wake me.
    Interesting that this was immediately after class wherein we celebrated Luka the little black Pyrenean Shepherd's victory at the AKC Nationals and Breed Invitational. And also where I found out that FCI has apparently banned all dogs with dockings or croppings from World Team events. More in a separate post.


  1. The 2 from Longmont, Colorado must be Mark & Reggie. Mark was 3rd I think in the Grand Prix at Nationals last year and barely missed winning the Steeplechase (had the fastest time but missed the A-frame contact by a toenail). I love to watch both those teams run. And yes, they both run black & white border collies ;)

  2. I'm sure that the dream was fairly spooky but I had to laugh when I read it. If you, with your blue merle BC feels "outnumbered", imagine how those poor other handlers who have non-BCs must feel??

  3. Well, OK, yes, once I woke up it did seem a leeeettle less spooky-- but none of my first 3 agility dogs (including current Tika, my "Aussieprobably") have been BCs. And I've always been kinda proud of that fact. :-)