a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Scribe Sheet Party

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Scribe Sheet Party

SUMMARY: How many scribe sheets for 5,180 runs?

There they are: 5,180 unstickered scribe sheets.

Last night I went over to the home of this weekend's show secretary--friend Karey--to help put stickers on scribe sheets. We were at it for nearly 5 hours (minus time for futzing with the printer, futzing with the computer, futzing with the dogs, eating dinner, getting a snack, correcting our mistakes--). I finally left because I was starting to make silly errors from fatigue. We were probably 3/4 done at that point. Let this be a lesson to you (choose one):
  • Don't put on a 4-day, 4-ring major USDAA trial.
  • Or, at least, don't offer to be secretary for such a trial.
  • Or, at least, don't be friends with the secretary for that trial.
  • Or, if that fails, don't answer your email for at least a month before the trial.
  • Or, if that fails, feign a sudden onset of Tourette Syndrome and claim disability.
  • Or, if that fails, help out your friend who is worn out and sick, and get a good night's sleep before heading over to help assemble scribe sheets. But all is not lost: your practice for feigning Tourette's will come in handy when you discover that you've just put the last 40 Gamblers stickers on Jumpers scribe sheets.
Well--that's all OK, really because how often do you have an excuse to sit and chat about life, dogs, the universe, and everything for 5 hours?

And the best part is: We get to do it all again for our Labor Day 3-day Regional! Wooohoooo!


  1. You are still using stickers on scribe sheets? I know someone has figured out how to print them from the catalog. Really? Check with George Mariakas from Kinetic Dog. www.kineticdog.com

  2. One bad part about printing scribe sheets directly is that then you have to chop the pages into 4 pieces and assemble the four pieces into the correct running order. I don't know how much we gain over doing stickers--one year when we had 4 people working on stacking the cut scribe sheets, after everyone went home I ended up redoing more than a quarter of them because someone had continually gotten out of synch.

    I don't know whether printing is faster even if you have a good paper cutter so you can cut more than one sheet at a time into quarters and if you pay very close attention and if you manage the preliminary stacks well so that they don't get in the wrong order to begin with.

    I think our secretary's experience says that stickers are a more reliable method especially for very large quantities of scribe sheets.

    But the big advantage to stickers for very large entries is that you can send out the blanks to the printers to print up X thousand copies already cut for you, meanwhile, you can print a sheet of 30 labels at home MUCH faster than you can print 30 scribe sheets. Unless you have a super-fast printer at home, which most people don't have, you could spend hours printing scribe sheets vs much shorter time printing labels.

    My paper cutter isn't too bad, I think I can cut maybe 8 sheets at a time without them getting distorted or ragged. For 5200 scribe sheets--let's see, that's 1300 pages divided by 8, is 162 stacks, with 3 cuts per stack (in half, then each half into half again), that's almost 500 cuts, plus managing those substacks as you cut them up. That alone probably takes up any time you gain by sorting stacks instead of peeling labels, let alone giving you cutter's elbow. :-)


  3. I could never leave delicate piles like that sitting out in my house, cat would materialize out of nowhere and go to town before anyone knew what hit.

    Is that one of those classic old teal Fuji road bikes in the background? Very cool.

  4. About the bike, Karey says "it's a Miyata bike, about 15 years old..."

    Which, to me, is a *new* bike. My 10-speed Raleigh (relegated to the shed for the last 15 years or so) dates back to around 1970. Could I possibly be old enough to own a bike that old? When the bike shop says that a high-quality old bike like that is probably worth restoring (note word choice--not "repairing" or "tuning up"), you know you've got an oldie. I don't know that it's all that high quality, although Raleigh was one of the better names then.