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Friday, April 27, 2007

This Weekend

SUMMARY: Another USDAA trial, fairly local.

This is SMART's spring trial in Prunedale at Manzanita Park.

Grand Prix and Steeplechase national qualifiers; two Standards and one each of the other regular classes.

There are 110 dogs in the Steeplechase (and another 42 in the Performance Speed Jumping); 59 in Boost's height and 25 in Tika's height. Since qualifying is based on 125% of the average score of the top 3 dogs in each height, the number of dogs doesn't matter except that there's a greater likelihood of there being faster dogs.

If we can run clean, Tika can always qualify. Sometimes we can qualify with a single fault (like a bar down or a fumble here or there), but not always. Boost--well--we're still learning how to work our way around a course. At least she's showing signs of finally understanding serpentines (more about camp that I haven't gotten around to posting yet. Maybe next week.)

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