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Thursday, December 12, 2002

Yella Dog Entertains Crowds

Backfill: Dec 15 After the vet techs took Rem into the back to draw some blood, I hung around in the waiting room. Then I heard Rem bark once, like he barks when he's Saying Woof or is otherwise cheerful about something--and then again, then a couple more times, followed by gales of delighted laughter. More silence, chorus of laughs, Couple of barks. More laughter. They were all clearly having much more fun than I was.

When the tech brought him back out, I asked "What are you doing to my dog?" She said that they had been getting him to do tricks for goodies. Man, what a happy, wired dog he was! No wonder he loves visiting them. I asked how they knew what tricks he knows. She said that there's a lady who has an Aussie who used to (?) do agility, so she knew some of the things a dog is likely to know. She told me some of the tricks--they had already figured out the limp and the "Bang!" and left/right; don't remember what else.

So I asked whether they had figured out that he could count; held up 2 fingers & asked how many. He barked twice. She said, "Wait a minute! They have to see this!," ducked into the back, and reappeared with a crowd. I did 3 fingers and he barked 3 times. But after that he was so wired & excited that he just started barking randomly & enthusiastically.

Anyway, I promised them a list of tricks for next time.

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