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Friday, December 13, 2002

Random Updates

Rem' white blood count is still too low as of Thursday morning, so it's back on antibiotics for another 7 days; we'll retest on Tuesday. This is pretty much what happened the first time he got the adriamycin. His foot is looking good; he's stopped abusing it and has stopped limping on it (was limping more *after* the bandage came off) and is looking more comfortable with it. It's probably a bit tender--the texture of all of his pads was clearly different from his other feet right after the bandage came off. Probably lost all of his callouses while wrapped up. So it's looking better.

Jake's running nicely full-tilt around the yard after his squeaky. Doing some agility obstacles and still no signs of pain or limping. If we don't get completely rained out, Saturday he'll be doing a run or 2 at the SMART fun match in Prunedale and those'll be the first full agility courses he'll have done since October. Yow.

Tika's a mixed bag on the contacts. Slows down a lot sometimes. Starts to "touch" off the side of the dogwalk instead of the end--but if I put a target down again once or twice, it straightens her out for a while. Goes pretty fast if I put her in a sit-stay at one end, walk halfway down, and call/send her and run to join up with her, but she's slower if I run with her. Have to figure this out.

We still don't get enough practices with long sequences--most we do in class is typically 8-10 obstacles max, often shorter, and we're struggling still with those. My back yard just isn't big enough. Sigh. I sure was spoiled by my old half acre--most people don't have a back yard even the size of my current one.

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