a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Playful Leaping Remdog

Saturday, December 28, 2002

Playful Leaping Remdog

After snoozing soundly and thoroughly since Thursday evening, he woke up today feeling pretty good. "Ahhhh, I feel pretty good!" he said, yawning dramatically and rolling onto his back on the bed. Unfortunately, the Upsidedown Dog Thing made him do a little of the cough/gag Thing, so he stopped that, but he jumped right up to go downstairs with us instead of remaining curled up and droopy like he has so often the last couple of months.

Went for a nice walk and he was alert & rarin' to go. In the back yard, whereas lately he has been climbing onto the hot tub via bench & table, today he leaped directly on & off just like his old self. Did some play bows and, when asked to do tricks, did them rowdily instead of subDudely (subDude--not making it quite to the Dude level in energy & enthusiasm).

And this morning he's lying on his bed but his eyes pop open wide & his head comes right up every time I do something interesting--like adjust my weight in the chair or scratch my nose. Much much much better.

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