a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Things are Looking Up

Friday, December 27, 2002

Things are Looking Up

Remington's red blood cell count is up to 33 this morning, which is very good. Means no more bleeding & he's recovering rapidly. Hallelujah!

He spent all last evening and this morning really snoozing--which he does to a certain extent anyway, but he's really crashed out this time--so he's still in recovery mode. But he's looking good.

He's got a bit of horking/gagging going on, which vet says might be from the fluid still in his chest, might be some stomach upset, hard to tell without x-rays. I opted against xrays since it wasn't clear that they'd change anything. Now he's on pepcid AC twice a day anyway.

BTW--you might have read about Lucky, the little terrier set on fire by some truly evil boys just before xmas. Well, he was in the crate next to Remington during some of Rem's stay at the vet's. You can read more about the poor little guy at http://www.sbvs.com/luckie_fund.htm.

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