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Sunday, December 01, 2002

Things are Going Well

Remington's foot is doing OK in the splint. They replaced it on schedule on Friday, after 3 days in which he pretty much left it alone and it held up well, even when he went leaping over shrubbery and dashed across the yard to visit my parents. Vet said his foot was healing nicely, with no sign of infection.

However, his toes broke through the new one by the end of the day Friday, and by Saturday morning there were jagged edges on the splint pressing against his feet--and while I was waiting for a callback from the surgeon (which didn't come--I suppose this didn't really qualify as an emergency), he pulled open the toe end completely.

So we went to our regular vet, who patched it all up in pretty sturdy tape and cotton. I continued to bitter-apple it, and he has left it alone since pretty much.

He took the second 3-day round of Cytoxan in stride with no diarrhea this time.

Jake's foot: I've moved him up the activity level to tossing the squeaky further across the yard instead of just a couple of feet, doing "behinds" to launch him, doing a few short tunnels and 12" jumps. No signs of pain. Swelling on toe seems much reduced, although I think it's still larger than the left toe.

Tika's agility I'm afraid has been suffering. Trying to work more, trying to spend more time with Rem, trying to get ready for xmas, so spending little time practicing in the yard. She did pretty good in class on Wednesday. It's clear, though, that we have lots of work to do on crosses. She does very well on some, but (of course, I supposed) the harder they get, the worse my timing is.

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