a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Rem: A little Chemo Reaction/Tika: Good Dog-Bad Dog

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Rem: A little Chemo Reaction/Tika: Good Dog-Bad Dog

Photos: New photos on Dec 3 and Nov 27.

Rem chemo: Nothing wrong with Rem's appetite since yesterday's adriamycin injection, and he was delighted to go for a walk as usual. No signs of diarrhea, but I'm thinkin' his stomach is a bit unsettled because this morning from about 4-5 a.m. and again this evening he's been doing a bit of gagging kinds of noises. Nothing to make him want to get up from a comfy loafing position lying on his side in bed, though.

Tika: She was pretty good in class today. Did some really nice contacts (except a bit on the slow side and one popped teeter), even though we really haven't practiced them in 2 weeks. She's now entered in her first full trial, which is a NADAC fund-raiser in Elk Grove the first weekend in January, where probably almost no one I'll know will be. I pout.

At least, I sent in her entry form and I'm hoping it's not full. The mid-January Elk Grove NADAC trial opened & closed again while I was gone to Disneyland for just 4 short days! Bleah. This is why I'm not fond of limiting entries where you actually have to turn people away.

Overall, we did pretty good, but Boy! I sure have a lot to learn about handling! (My boys have spoiled me with how sloppy I am--but maybe that's also why we don't Q or place as often as I'd like.) Still, Rachel told me that we're just about ready to move up to another level of class. I am the most experienced handler in the class, but I'm not sure how much farther along we really are than some others who are working hard at learning their stuff.

But BAD DOG TIKA turned & slipped past my knees again today while I was unlocking the front door to let them in the house after class. My mistake in many ways--I didn't make her sit first, I didn't have her on a leash, I didn't grab her the instant she moved instead of just moving my legs. Oh, yeah, my hands were full of keys and purses & leashes & dog goodies and things, which is why I let go of her. Fortunately no near misses on cars this time, but she pretty much totally blew me off while I called her. She finally came to me, but she took her own really sweet time about it. At least she didn't charge madly away in the opposite direction. And I did have food & made a big deal out of having it. I haven't been practicing that lately, either. So much to do, so little time...

Jake & Rem & agility: Boy, I miss going up to Power Paws for classes & seeing everyone. So do Rem & Jake. They're BORrrrred. Jake's running nicely, doing some jumps, tunnels, teeters with no signs of pain here in the yard. I'm so lucky to have world-class instructors like Rachel (currently for Tika) and Nancy & Jim at Power Paws (usually Rem & Jake) and I wish I was back up there in their classes again...

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