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Friday, May 28, 2021

More about the T-Shirt Project (Update)

T-shirt tales—Because every t-shirt tells a story, don't it.
And I have so very many of them. Shirts. And stories. ---- Tell me more. or Read all t-shirt tales

SUMMARY: A couple things.

  • I've also redesigned the astonishing t-shirt page banner (as above) to take up less space and give more astonishing useful link names--and will eventually apply it to all previous posts, too. Probably.

     (Sigh--I wish I could create a macro that would just reference the appropriate HTML so I wouldn't have to update it everywhere. Dream on...)
  • In the process, I discovered my astonishingly random way of "consistently" titling these posts, so I might go back and fix them the way my greedy little heart wants. I won't change the current links, which means that you might not be able to invent a link to previous posts based on their titles. (I doubt anyone cares.)
Old banner:

T-shirt tales? Because every t-shirt tells a story, don't it.
And I have so very many of them. Shirts. And stories. ---- Whaaaaat??

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  1. You have sooooo many t-shirts! I have a drawer full and think that's too many, but I still wear them, so how could I get rid of them! I sleep in the ones that have gotten filled with holes. Still can't get rid of them.

    1. It really is too many, but I like them all and will gladly wear any of them. If I start avoiding one that's at the top of the drawer (would be "next shirt in line"), that's when I start thinking about excising it. I used to keep around the ones with holes that were getting thin to wear while doing messy tasks, and then eventually they'd go to the rag bag. But, yeh, t-shirts are generally not cold-weather wear for me, so guess how often each is worn each year? (I don't really know, but I'd guess twice at a maxium.) Not a lot of holes or thinning fabric!
      Seems like every year I try to sit and thin the herd and give several away, but then an emergency t-shirt needing purchasing pops up. Whatcha gonna do?