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Friday, May 21, 2021

Some Things We Looked Up While On Our Trip

SUMMARY: We both have curious minds.

So, this happened:  Seester and I headed north to western Washington to investigate possible future retirement locations. Driving is the best! Lots of time for conversation and asking questions about--anything! [yeah, will probably get around to talking about the trip at some point.]
  • Can we reasonably make it to our first area of exploration (Silverdale, WA) in one day? Answer: Yes, if we're willing to drive for 14 hours. Not including rest stops, food stops, gas stops....  Final answer: No.
  • Where should we stop our first night? (Checking distances from our starting location to Portland, Crescent City, Eureka, Ukiah, and some other places.) Decided on Crescent City but I insisted on not making reservations until we were well on our way, and glad about that because we made it only to Eureka for dinner with a friend.
  • How does tolling work for non-Washington residents crossing the Tacoma Narrows Bridge? (Apparently they'll get our address from CA DMV via our license plate and send a bill.)
    When we headed home, that was really the only day with dark foreboding clouds.
    Which pretty much cleared up by noon.

  • Did L. Ron Hubbard *really* have more published works of fiction than Stephen King? (Guiness World Records says yes.)

  • If I wanted to pick up Zorro the day after I got home instead of Friday night, and he was in Sonora, how long would it take? (Gulp--4 hours round trip. Answer: No. Fortunately arranged a pickup in Tracy, only 2 hours round trip.)

  • Which rest areas (er, "safety roadside rest areas") are currently open on I-5? On US 101?  (Didn't have much luck finding those answers.)

  • Where exactly is Trees of Mystery and what are their hours?

  • What's interesting about Port Angeles?

  • Rainfall averages for various places in Washington?

  • Lots and lots and lots and lots of queries in Google Maps for how to get somewhere or how long it would take or where it was.

  • Where's the nearest AAA office?

  • Tsunami Hazard Zone Maps for WA.

  • Exclusion zones for Mount Rainier eruption dangers

  • Iceland isn't on the Ring Of Fire, so why does it have volcanoes?

  • How did prehistoric irrigation work in the Americas without the wheel? Was it all gravity-based? (Apparently, yes.)

  • Calories in a Wendy's small chocolate Smoothie?

  • Common name for Humuhumunukunukuapua'a? [Yes, I could remember the Hawaiian name, but not the common  English name.]

  • What is all the white stuff growing next to  101 around Eugene? [Answer: Meadowfoam. OK, what is Meadowfoam?]  
    Meadowfoam, by phone from a moving car.

  • Is there an airport near Labanon OR? (Yes, the Labanon airport.)

  • Are wild pigs just domestic pigs gone feral?  (Maybe in some cases, but actual different species. They are a likely ancestor of domestic pigs.)

  • Are wild turkeys just etc etc. (Domestic turkeys are descended from them.)

  • ARE there so many songs about rainbows and what's on the other side? (Interesting and funny blog post about this.)

  • List of fictional characters with stars on the Hollywood walk of fame?

  • Does EVERYWHERE WE GO have a Safeway?  [It sure seemed like it. I think we saw more safeways than anything other than trees.]

  • Can that photo of our hotel on [something] Bay [which appears to be mostly mudflats] in the far background of an orca leaping into the air be real? For that matter, do orcas really breach often? [I said, yes, they're basically just big dolphins.] 

  • What's the best Incorrect Quote we can generate for our favorite fictional characters?

  • If someone says their dog is a Service Dog (and the person is disabled after overseas service), but the dog is badly behaved, can it really be a Service Dog? And how is that defined?

  • Where is the wooden ship Tally-Ho being rebuilt in Sequim? (All that info has apparently now been hidden and we couldn't find it.)

  • Rules about capital gains on primary residences.

  • Dimensions of a king-sized mattress?

  • Actual name of the Klamath River bridge that washed away, and is it the same name as its replacement?
    Site of the old bridge. Seester taking a photo.

  • Earthquake and liquefaction hazard maps in and around seattle?

  • Did our favorite hotel Candy Cane Inn in Anaheim survive the pandemic? [says it's currently "under renovation"... whatever that really means]

  • Kaiser locations in Washington and Oregon?

  • Nearest Wendy's?

  • We're alongside the Salmon River -- want more info.

  • What causes nighttime leg and foot cramps?

  • Where did the city name Cotati come from? (Coast Miwok)

  • So much more--but I didn't save everything... and sorry I didn't include all the links (sometimes searched a lot for an answer). 

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