a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Wooden things in the kitchen

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Wooden things in the kitchen

SUMMARY: Keep? Give Away? At least sometimes dust?
sparked by a discussion on FB: May 23,2021

I have a few wooden spoons of different sizes. I cannot remember the last time I used any of them. Of course, I haven’t done any real baking in years, either. Just mixing eggs and water into mixes and such. For which you don’t care about what kind of spoon you use. 

At least, I don't. Except I prefer things that can go into the dishwasher.

I also have a wooden meat pounder, which I don’t think I have ever used! --hmmm-- Just now I can think of a couple of uses for it that could’ve been handy through the years! And they've been right in front of me on the counter the whole time.

And wooden spatulas. Don't recall ever using those at all.

And a wooden fork?!

And OMG what is that big wedgy thing with a hole in it?

Fascinating to be reminded of things that are right in front of me all the time and I have stopped seeing. 

What do you have in your wallet kitchen?  Anything that your brain has stopped acknowledging? Anything of wood?


  1. I have one wooden spoon in a drawer and I don't know why as I've never used it. And a pair of fancy wooden chopsticks, also never used, but were a gift that reminds me of the person that gave them to me. I suggest you donate the wooden cooking utensils to some charity that would sell them to someone else who will never use them. Or make them into an art installation.

    1. "someone else who will never use them." LOL!
      Makes a great gift, for sure. Pretty sure that's where mine came from.
      Ooooohhhh nooooo just looked it up in my inventory: My grandfather gave it to me for Christmas when I first moved into an apartment of my own after college. He died the following year, so that was my last Xmas with him. [sad face] how can I possibly give it up?
      [Ellen: Remember: Our Things Are Not Us/Not Our Emotions] Might have to do a follow-up post.
      However, I did find this just now--which in large part says that wooden spoons are cool because the author likes them.