a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Costumes Past

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Costumes Past

SUMMARY: Some old photos for Halloween season -- Taj MuttHall and other agility doers

Human Mom as gunfighter, 1979

Human Mom as Leia, 1981

Human Mom as trapper (friend as ZZ Top), 1984

Ben and Sparkle, 2015

Mardee and Dorris, 2011

Jeanne, 2007

Ellen Pirate, 1964 -- made the mask and vest myself, could you guess? The "peg leg" is natural.

Human Mom as an old woman (with friends), 1980

Tika and Jake, 2004

Belly Dancer, different party, 1984

Maura (straight from Hogwarts), Rookie, and Juno , 2011

 Zigi, Scott, and...., two pairs of electronic timers, 2007

Long Rem Silver 2002

Human Mom, 2007

Tracey, USDAA nationals 2008

Human Mom, 2013

Human Mom, 1995 (southern belle)

Deanna as Vergina Schadenfreude disciple, 2014

Human Mom, "red/blue", circa 1990


Tika and Boost, 2008

Human Mom as lumberjack, 1983. Dancing, prancing lumberjack?


  1. Fun! And just a touch crazy. In a good way.

    1. I just found a photo of me as a lumberjack. Fooled the people at work (without the hatchet). I should add it here.