a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Old tunnel, new tunnel

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Old tunnel, new tunnel

SUMMARY: No more death-trap ancient yellow tunnel in the back 40.
Backfill: (repost from FB today)

Dogs didn't care about the condition of the old yellow tunnel--they still ran through it full speed I don't know how. (I never sent them into it, BTW--this was their own playtime.)

Ancient yellow tunnel gave its all--and then some.

Decaying at the left end.

Decaying at the right end.

See the 3 broken wires sticking up? Death trap.

How did they run full speed through that?

Guess what arrived yesterday!! Happy happy happy new purple 20-foot tunnel.

Glad to realize that I have actually taught them some useful things. Stand in front of the tunnel and say "reaaaaaadyyyy..." and the ears come up and the eyes are on me! Dogs are ready for whatever, such as tunnelrun!

It was fun in the house for an evening, but today it is out in the yard where it shall remain.

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