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Monday, October 16, 2017

Catching up: Idaho for The Eclipse Day 1

SUMMARY: San Jose to Elko, NV
Backfill: Shoulda been Aug 19.

Left San Jose bright and early--first big trip in MUTT MVR II!-- with Paul, Linda, and Mr Fox No.12. Aiming for Elko, Nevada. I hand over the steering wheel after a few hours, and we're well on our way.  And it's hot out there.

Now my hands are free to take crappy photos around Linda & Paul's heads through the dirty windshield of a car traveling at 70. And sometimes the clouds make it worth the effort.

Oh, wow, I haven't had Fanta in soooo long--and in an ice-cold bottle, too! Brings memories of hot, hard Cal marching band practices surrounded by tubs of ice filled with Fanta bottles. Ooooh, yeah.

Waiiiiit.... it's August? And it's raining? 

A little known fact: the Truckee River out here in the desert teems with delectable Desert Lobster. Who needs Maine?

Paul and Linda head into this entertaining stop outside Reno. Like Disneyland for outdoorsies, hunters, and fishers. We had lunch in the cafe (elkburgers) and I bought fudge. A lot of fudge. Excellent fudge. Eat it up, yum.

Hello Reno. Goodbye, Reno.

Mr Fox found a new friend at Cabela's.

Still hot out there. You'd think it was, like, the desert in August or something.

The desert seldom fails to delight. Different shapes and colors with every mile. Helped that the Cloud Gods smiled upon us.

Everyone takes a rest break at the Rest Area. Lots of truckers on Interstate 80.

Plenty of useful signages.

And the trains, always the trains across the desert.

And here we are (hotel sign and Elko exit sign).

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