a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Photo #2850

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Photo #2850

SUMMARY: A rousing round of randomness

So, here's the thing. Ya take a lot of photos, the camera numbers them for you, but the camera has only a certain number of digits, say, up to 9999, so eventually, after 9999 photos, it rolls back around to 0001 again.

Sometimes, when I search for a certain photo number, the variety of photos that appear intrigues me.  So, just because-- here are my IMG_2850s.  (No guarantee on quality, just--this is what's in my files, so this is what ya get.)

(I've done this before.)

Tip: Click the first image to make it larger, then use your arrow key to go through the rest--but you won't see captions there.

2013 November  - Vasona Park (Santa Clara County, CA) Festival of Lights

2016 November - Our hotel, Barstow, California

2016 April - Inside arcade at Eastridge Mall (east San Jose)

2007 July - Judge shopping at Bay Team CPE competition (San Jose area)

2012 December - Local Park (with dogs)

2014 October - Glass Pumpkin Festival, Palo Alto, CA

2010 January - Bay Team club holiday party

2017 April - Bird not being photographed, Walt Disney World, Florida

2008 October - Justin (and Boost's relative?) doing Freestyle at USDAA Nationals, Scottsdale, Arizona

2017 September - Reno, Nevada and its mountains


Why the huge gaps between years? Apparently other 2850s didn't make the cut and are gone for good. So sorry, Other 2850s!

P.S. really, Arlene, I'll get around to eclipse trip eventually.


  1. LOL. When I saw the single photo number I was sure this was the "just post one eclipse photo" I've been begging for. Love the variety of photos for #2850.

  2. LOL...I love all of these #2850s. They were really cool. I think it's fun, sometimes, to go back and just look at all the shots you've taken. OK, not ALL...for you and probably me, that would not be possible to look at ALL...but it's fun to go back and look at some of them that were taken a long time ago...and to see if you still like them. I still like most of mine and I like all of yours!

  3. PS: I love the header of your two boys. I hope to get back out there sometime and meet them!