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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Catching Up: Idaho for the Eclipse Day 3

SUMMARY: And it's the total solar eclipse!

This is the bed I slept in: Her grandmother's bed and the quilt that her mom made for her.

Mr Fox No.12 made friends in the household.

Guess what team the husband roots for?

Hostess making us breakfast. She made many meals for us. We were honored and stuffed to the gills.

Chatting before breakfast.

Mr Fox checks out some of the camera and eclipse gear.

The household dogs. There were "only" five. Some are duplicates here.

Tiny (old-dog rescue):

Max (missing one eye from nipping at a horse):

Bonnie (she worried a lot):




Awwww, someone gots spiderwebz on her noze! (Rosie)

Bonnie again:

Clyde again:

Bonnie yet again:

Camera all set up and ready to shoot some eclipses.

Here I am with all the paraphernalia.

Everyone had eclipse glasses.

Wayne, our host:






Mr Fox No.12:

As the moon ate away at the sun, you could see little images of the eaten-away sun under the tree...

Waiting... getting tiny bit darker all the time -- and colder!

Things got darker and darker and darker.

Getting pretty dark, nearing totality.

House and lawn are pretty dark, everything has an odd coloration...

Sun slips from a teeny sliver into...

...full darkness...    but with it looking all around us like we could see the orange of sunset at the horizon.

Dark and chilly.

Used a very slow speed to get enough light for the following photo, hence moving people are a bit blurry.  Quite chilled with the sun gone.

Linda videotaped.  When the eclipse slipped into totality, we and everyone else everywhere cheered and applauded. It was pretty awesome.

And it starts peeking out again.
"That sun?"  "No, that one."

Whew, the excitement was too much. Now we just hang out for a while.

The moon, eating away at the sun, and then eventually spitting it back out.

Same shot cropped so you can see the sunspots.

This is where I forgot to take the filter off the camera to get the corona. :-(

Oooh, peeking out again.

That night, to make up for the filter user failure, I sat out in the front yard and saw this.  Just drop-dead billions of stars, and the Milky Way.

I haven't yet sorted out all of the photos from going into the nifty old town that afternoon. Rest assured that we did.

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