a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Faces in the Kitchen

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Faces in the Kitchen

SUMMARY: Whenever I'm feeling lonely, there's a place I can go...

...just walk into my kitchen and commune with my cabinets.

The guy that started it all, staring straight at my table.

Big-eyed alien that you've seen so often;
not sure what the dot on his forehead is--third eye? Caste mark? Do aliens have castes?

The late, lamented, lost Mr. Alien.

 Stayed up wayyyyy too late reading FaceBook.

Screaming and falling, hair (or ears?) flying up as she goes. I'm sure she's doing it for fun. Bungie jumping, probably. Or maybe this is me on Tower of Terror (excuse me, "Guardians of the Galaxy") last week. Once. Never again. Ever.

Somehow this cabinet evolved into a profile view of the right side of a chimp--his ear toward the left, all his dark hair, looking to the right.  

Cyclops! With really really big lips!


Yeti on drugs.