a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Then And Now

Friday, March 23, 2012

Then And Now

SUMMARY: In honor of National Puppy Day.
March 23 is National Puppy Day (at least per this organization). In honor of puppies, a look back.


Tika at 9 months from the rescue site and Tika today.

Over the years, I've thought that she has looked more and more wolflike and less and less Aussie-like. Now I can really see why--the ears no longer tip over nicely; her colors have faded and merged considerably through the years; her coat has become fuller.

Update April 12,2012: A friend who hadn't seen us in a couple of years stopped by today and said that Tika's coat looks so much paler than she remembers. Maybe that fading is a recent, age-related thing after all.


Boost at maybe 6 weeks (before I adopted her) and a year ago.

I loved the very light gray as a puppy, but she has darkened considerably, as her mother also did. When she was younger, her left ear was distinctly gray compared to her black right ear, but now it's not nearly so obvious.

Puppies are so darned cute! But you sure can't use them to judge what the dogs will look like when they're all growed up.


  1. Very cool to see the before and after photos. Interesting that even Tika went through some changes after 9 months of age. Come to think of it, Lucy's look changed a bit as well after she came to live with me around the same age.

    1. Makes me wonder whether *I've* changed any since I was a teenager. .....nahhhh....

  2. Fun to see this....makes me realize how much they all change as they grow and even after we think they're all grown up.