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Friday, March 23, 2012

Random Things Around Town

SUMMARY: A lazy blogging day.

If you're like me and love--I mean really LOOOOVVVVVE sprinkles on your ice cream, would you be happy paying $1.37 an ounce in 1.25-ounce bottles as found in pretty much any grocery store around? Sometimes even more than that? How can stores justify charging that much for those tiny bottles? I think you're mostly paying for the plastic, because there are about 2 servings of sprinkles in those little guys.

Or would you go to Smart and Final, buy a mongo 17-ounce jar that'll last you a month or two, and pay a mere 35 cents an ounce? Can you say ice-cream ecstasy?!


You've seen those ubiquitous, low-paid workers waving signs around streetside to draw your attention to a store or business, right? As I pulled up to the stoplight the other day, I thought there was something odd about this particular person holding up the sign--not a lot of waving going on. REALLY cheap labor.


Ever since a big wind storm a few weeks back, coming home from agility class in the hills, this dragon's head has been lying in my headlights on the far side of the T intersection. I wonder what happened to the rest of his body?


I'm thinking that I need a new office chair. It's just my disarming personality, I guess.


There's a street in Palo Alto that's blocked in the middle from through traffic, and they planted trees in the barrier. Apparently someone decorates them differently every month. Update March 27: "Anonymous" reader found this link that explains it. On the weekly 5-mile walk with the Sierra Club Wednesday night, we were a bit awed by the vibrant spring decor.

A little bird is ready for spring.

Fellow Sierra Clubber camouflaged by the lights. It really brightened up our night, so to speak.


  1. OK...I'd go with the BIG bottle of sprinkles if I liked them on my ice cream...And that is very creative of the car wash. I always feel sorry for those people, but this guy, not so much. And the trees are very very cool! I want to see how they decorate them next month!

  2. I love chocolate sprinkle on my ice cream. I havent found those huge bottles you have yet.

    1. Looked up the brand, and it's owned by Smart and Final, which has stores only in some western states, and no online store. Bummer!

  3. What pretty lighted trees! I found this cool write-up about them: http://www.paloaltoonline.com/news/show_story.php?id=24770 .

  4. Thanks, Anonymous! What a great story. I've added the link to the post.