a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Blogger Complaint

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Blogger Complaint

SUMMARY: How come I can't subscribe to posts?
Sometime in the last couple of months, suddenly on Blogger blogs, there's no longer a checkbox that allows me to subscribe to a post on which I comment. Instead, I have to first post my comment, then click a separate link that takes me to a separate page, where I have to click another link that somehow wants to add the page to my bookmarks, which I don't want to do; I just want to have an email like I always used to have that would tellme that someone else has posted a comment on that post.

I can't figure it out. Anyone else figured out how to make it work the old way?

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  1. Gak! I haven't been commenting much over the last few weeks but now that I'm back, -- well, this sucks. And what's with the nearly impossible to read secret code words to type in? I tried the audio option in desperation but that's even worse. Sigh.

    Seems not all of the blogger blogs are like that yet. On yours, I still have the normal "Subcribe by email" link to click.