a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Filling In the Blanks

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Filling In the Blanks

SUMMARY: CPE paperwork.

  • CPE has 7 classes: Standard, Jumpers, Wildcard, Colors, Jackpot (aka Gamblers), Snooker, and Full House.
  • CPE has 6 levels (1 through 5, and C)
  • Dogs who have earned titles in other organizations can start at Level 3, which is what I did with Remington and Boost. (More on Jake, below.)
  • Currently, to complete a numbered level (e.g., level 2), you need twice that many Q[ualifying score]s (e.g., 4)  in Standard and that many Qs (e.g., 2)  in each of the other classes. 
  • Variant: It was different when Remington, Jake, and Tika were working on their C-ATCHes--fewer were required at each level--but it changed to this current system while Boost was only halfway through her Level 3 titles.
  • Completing your Level 5 is your C-ATCH.
  • After completing Level 5, you can optionally move to Level C, the level with the most strict qualifying requirements, to work on your C-ATE. (You can also opt to stay in level 5 and earn multiple C-ATCHes. Lots of people do this. We, however, think that we always like the highest level of challenge.)
Here are the trusty pieces of paper that traveled around in my trial gear for a very long time, to show how many Qs we've had to earn to get to where we are.

Jake's C-ATCH:
When CPE first started, if your dog had a championship in another organization, you could start at Level 4, which is what I did with Jake.  So, between that and the lower number of required Qs, Jake needed 48 Qs to work his way up to his C-ATCH.

Tika's C-ATCH:
I made the mistake of entering Tika in Level 1 at her first-ever CPE trial because I didn't realize that, once you had a Q at that level, you had to complete everything at that level. So she had to work through all the Qs at level 1 and 2 to get to where my previous dogs *started*.

As a result, she had to earn 88 Qs to get to her C-ATCH. At least the level 1 and 2 courses were pretty easy.

Tika's C-ATE:
Completing 5000 points (up to around 250 Qs) at Level C is your C-ATE. Tika did it with 229 (this sheet has 2 more listed beyond her C-ATE).

Boost's C-ATCH:
I was smarter with Boost and started her at Level 3.

Here's her sheet--still minus that one dang Colors! Two chances this coming weekend to fill in that teasing blank.

Because of the rules change while Boost was still partly in Level 3, she had to earn more Qs in some level 3 and all Level 4 and 5 classes than my other dogs did. When she gets that final Q, she'll have needed 90 Qs--more than Tika needed going all the way up from Level 1, and all at the higher levels.

And Then...
Tika's C-ATE-2 sheet now has 7 Qs on it. Only 220 more to go. :-)

And Boost's C-ATE sheet already has 19 on it. Hmmm... with Boost's lower Q rate, could Tika earn her C-ATE-2 before Boost earned her C-ATE? Hmmm... .... .... but noooo, move along, nothing to see here.


  1. Sure is a lot of history in those four wrinkled papers. Pretty cool that you still have all of them.

    Best of luck this weekend!

  2. Yeah, lots of memories! Lots of rainstorms and trials and being thrown around in the car and in crates--wouldn't think of tossing them. But happy now that I have photos, just in case.