a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Total Crazed CPE Agility

Friday, February 24, 2012

Total Crazed CPE Agility

SUMMARY: Thus starts multiple consecutive weekends.

We're packin' up for 3 days of CPE agility at WAG (Elk Grove, followed by...

next weekend, 2 days of CPE agility at Haute Dawgs (Elk Grove), followed by...

3rd weekend, 2 days of CPE agility at VAST (Turlock), followed by...

4th weekend, 2 days of CPE agility at Bay Team (Santa Rosa).

Then--whew!--two weekends off before we're back to our regularly scheduled USDAA program.

We hope to emerge from the far end of all this with Boost's CPE championship (C-ATCH) and Tika's C-ATE, which is...er, sort of like a USDAA Silver ADCH--roughly 250 Qs at level C, with at least 20 in each of the 7 classes.

(Except CPE does the C-ATE by points: Each class is worth 15 to 25 points, and you need 5000.)

The weather is amazingly springlike. Will still be down near 40 overnight for sleeping in MUTT MVR, but no rain is in the forecast.

OOooooohh my, almost noon and not packed. Gotta go!