a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Spring Has Sprung Yet Again

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spring Has Sprung Yet Again

SUMMARY: Garden Bloggers Bloom Day--what was blooming in my yard on Feb 15.

The grass in my lawn has gone into overdrive--after a couple of months of not mowing, now I'll be back to that. The shrubs are as high as an elephant's eye--oh, hmm, make that a giraffe's eye, and climbing. The days feel so much longer than in the dark of December. The paperwhite narcissus, so happy in December and January, have just finished blooming, but color is suddenly everywhere.

The geraniums that I brought home in early January are still getting used to their pots, but keep producing splashes of color.

The alyssum just goes all year round.

Only one pansy was blooming, but what a beautiful face.

If I could remember these sprawling, hanging, aggressively growing plants' name, with their tiny white flowers, I'd be so happy--bought one several years ago and now I have it everywhere. Nice pot flower but it won't necessarily stay there.

Another tiny flower whose name I don't recall, growing up among the fronds of the ornamental garlic, whose white-striped leaves are also year-round.

All the primrose are very happy right now.

Alyssum and some lobelia together in a pot--the only lobelia that hasn't died back is this one, in a large pot under an overhang.

Almost all the begonias have died back to the root, except this red-leaf one, in another sheltered corner of the yard.

Daffodils are blooming all around me.

So many varieties.

The violets, with their big round leaves and their just-so little purple flowers, can also be invasive, but right now in their blooming season they look gorgeous.

The very first bloom on the dusty miller.

The very first bloom on the lavender.

White primrose.

The big hyacinths have come up in their pots in the back yard. Not yet ready in the darker, north-facing front yard.

And your standard yellow daffodils. The foliage is really a nice green, but I see that Elements' Process Multiple Files utility (which I asked only to adjust the levels, contrast, and size) has turned it into something a little different.

Sorry, nandina, it was dark, I was in a hurry, and you're pretty blurry. Will try again some other day.



  1. Well I thought that purple flower growing in the garlic was spider wort...until I read it again and realized the foliage wasn't part of the little purple flower. So now I'm with you and have not a clue! I love that you show me what spring (and summer around here) will look like someday. We still have snow. But you give me hope!

  2. This is all definitely one of the big benefits of living where I do.

  3. Yeah, my yard is covered in a foot of snow and frozen dog poop. Think I'll skip taking photos of that.

  4. Instead of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, it's Garden Doggers Poop Day. Has a certain...je ne sais quoi.