a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: A Little Agility Levity

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Little Agility Levity

SUMMARY: Something I whipped up in half an hour.
There's this meme I've been seeing a lot of on facebook this week--a poster representing a profession or activity with 6 or 8 photos, each of which is labeled like "What my mom thinks I do," "What my neighbors think I do," and so on, up to "What I really do." They're all pretty funny, and so true.

I hadn't seen one for dog agility competitors, so I whipped this up (giving credit for where I found the photos that I used from the web without asking permission--which no one else that I've seen has done, although it's possible that they had permission). Anyway--

P.S. You can google "What I really do" and a whole ton of items like this will come up.


  1. BRILLIANT ... :) and so true ... what I actually do!!!hehehe

  2. Yeah, that writing the check part.

  3. Great job. I had seen this around yesterday, but didn't know you put it together. (Photo credits are always safer.) BRAVO!

  4. Thanks. It didn't occur to me to put my name on it. :-) I posted it with only "friends" who can view it on facebook, but that didn't last long. From my original post, about 25 people shared it, but I saw one other person who reuploaded it to their images who had hundreds and hundreds of shares, and there are probably lots more like that, so I guess I set it free and it will live on the web forever.