a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: A Good Weekend

Sunday, February 05, 2012

A Good Weekend

SUMMARY: Not perfect, but lots of Qs and those titles are now SO CLOSE!
  1. Yes, I had fun.
  2. Tika Qed 9 out of 10 (the knocked bar in one Standard was SO my fault when I chickened out on a front cross at the last minute).
  3. Tika completed both her Snooker Extraordinaire and her Wildcard Extraordinaire titles (I forgot about the latter on Friday when I was posting about what titles could be completed).
  4. Tika's C-ATE count is now down to 480 points, or approximately 22 more Qs.  So close! (Somehow when I made The Campaign chart for the C-ATE, I added twice as many Qs-to-get as we actually needed. So I suddenly realize that we could do this in possibly 3 more trials, not another 7 or 8! That's a tremendous relief!)
  5. Boost Qed 8 out of 10.
  6. Boost  indeed completed her Level 5 Standard and her Level 5 Wildcard.
  7. Boost also Qed in everything else  that she needed towards her C-ATCH, so the C-ATCH count is down to only two Colors and one Snooker!  So close! 
So what will it take to wrap up the C-ATE and the C-ATCH?

Tika's C-ATE: The next CPE trial, last weekend in February, gives us a chance for 12 Qs (equals 270 points); the one after that, first weekend in March, gives us a chance for 10 Qs (equals 235 points).  Tika needs about 22 Qs but exactly 480 points. So we COULD finish the C-ATE in those two trials if we Q in everything or miss just one. Odds: Extremely slim. But for sure we should finish the weekend after THAT! (10 possible Qs equals 220 pts). So--VAST, March 10/11, look out, here we come!

Boost's C-ATCH: The next CPE trial offers 2 Snooker but only one Colors. The one after that again offers two Snooker and only one Colors. The odds are very good that we'll get our one remaining snooker among those four. But can we Q two out of two Colors? Historically, odds are slim, but it's certainly possible that we'll finish at that Haute Dawgs trial. Otherwise, the weekend after THAT--another chance at Colors, and, yup, that's VAST.

Wouldn't it be cool to finish both the same weekend?  Oddsmakers say the chances are 30% for that happening, based on a complicated and arcane format known as "pulling a number out of a hat."

If something REALLY goes wrong, well, then, the weekend after VAST is Bay Team's trial, with TWO chances at Colors. And that's the end of the CPE trial frenzy.

The big thing out of this is that I can knock a couple of CPE trials later in the year off my calendar. (I'm already committed to all the ones through March.)

I'll talk more about the weekend, maybe tomorrow. Feeling really wiped out and almost even ill this evening, so off to bed. Oh--except must email move-ups for the trials I'm already entered in. G'night.

Tired dogs after another busy weekend.