a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Some People Just Don't Ever Get The Memo

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Some People Just Don't Ever Get The Memo

SUMMARY: I blew it in the clothing arena again!

I've had trouble in class for the last two weeks getting even slightly challenging front crosses. The challenging ones--what a mess. I feel like I'm back in remedial front cross land. I probably actually am.

And you can see why from this photo:

Certain persons whom I shall not name just clearly don't know how to dress properly for agility class! Who knew it was all about the clothing? ...Oh, wait, *I* knew that.

It was a good, challenging class tonight. It was a beautiful night, too--not quite warm enough for t-shirt weather, but downright balmy. Orion looked down on our little party, thumbs in his belt, tug-toy hanging from his side--one can't see anything except his belt because he's wearing black pants and a black top. And the moon, gorgeous as always, rose from behind the hills to cheer us on (see her in the photo among the clouds above our heads).

Roo, who finished her MACH last weekend, brought flourless vegan chocolate cake for us to share (pretty clever for a dog). Which is like having a giant, cake-shaped chocolate truffle that you cut slices out of. Wow! Mmmmm! All to spur us on to greater heights of achievement, of course.

In our very last, just-for-fun weave-pole challenge, I just couldn't get there the first time, but because I was inspired to greater heights of achievement, I tried again, and dagnabbit pulled something. I think it's the biceps femoris part of my hamstring, for those who know or care about those details (I had to come home and look up some pictures). So I'm looking at agility this weekend, a 10-mile, 2400-foot elevation gain hike next weekend, and 4 more weekends of agility after that, and I'm sitting here on an ice pack.

That can't be good.

I'm hoping it'll all be better in the morning. Next time, I'll know better than to show up for class in bluejeans and a red fleece. I'll be, all, like, black pants and black or gray top, and then I'm sure nothing bad will happen to me and all my front crosses will work perfectly.

Because it really is all about the clothing.


  1. Ice pack? Oh no that IS NOT good! Hope you can get it under control before the hike/agility/other good stuff you have planned! Actually I LIKE that you're a renegade! Dress differently than the masses I always say!

  2. I can't run in jeans. I think I tried once because I was too lazy to change before going to the practice field and swore never again. I've got black exercise pants like all those other ladies in your photo but I try to have a colored top so I don't look like an FBI agent. But I'm maybe not the one to be dispensing fashion advice.

    Hope your hamstring heals. I've been battling a hamstring injury for a while and my PT/Chiro is threatening me with 'dry needling' if it doesn't improve. It's amazing how much better it is now. At least that's what I'm telling him. Here's hoping yours will be fine after some rest and ice.

  3. Every time through the years that I've tried on black exercise pants, I swear they make me look fat. Isn't black supposed to be slimming? Especially with stripes down the side? It's like the hiking pants I finally bought. Looked kinda OK in the store, but every photo of me in hiking pants makes me look 15 pounds heavier than the jeans do. I don't know why. And of course, when you're an athlete, clothes are all about how you look, not how practical they are.

    After I raised the paranoia level about dressing different in class last night, notice how Nancy is trying to hide the fact that her pants are the only ones with stripes. (OK, it was more of a joke at that point--people were rapidly trying to shed anything that looked different for the sake of the photo.)

    My leg is definitely not better this morning. Stupid stupid stupid, I should've just let it go. But who knew I'd pull something? I can't think when the last time was that I actually hurt myself exercising, aside from a fall or two on the wrong part of my anatomy and the usual aggravation of my arthritic knee.

  4. P.S. Jeans are no fun if I'm really doing something that involves a lot of sweat and a lot of running. But, really, agility doesn't. A little 30-second trot around the field? Pft.

  5. P.P.S. And then there's my avid hiking/climbing friend who always intones, "Cotton is death," and similar heart-warming observations about dressing appropriately when confronting nature. I still prefer jeans unless it's really hot, really cold, or really wet.

  6. Ah, if you had fast pants, you wouldn't trot around the ring. I can't thing of anybody who runs fast who wears jeans but maybe that's a local thing. I don't care if my pants make me look fat but I am picky that they fit reasonably well, ie not baggy or too tight.

    I'm with your hiking friend on that one, can't stand to wear cotton if I'm going to be doing something sweaty.

  7. Ah, so the speed *is* all about the clothing.

    I hate shopping for clothing, I don't know what to look for in athletic pants because i've never found any that felt comfortable, and I'm always comfy in my jeans, whether running or hiking or sitting or going to the office. I wish I could snap my fingers and get some nice black athletic fast pants that were as comfy as my jeans.

  8. Elf you must love mud and grass stains on your light colored pants.
    (Think REI for comfortable clothing to do agility in.)

  9. REI is a great place to try, also Title 9 and Golite if they have warehouse sales in your area which I think Title 9 might. Though my favorite warm weather pants came from Old Navy on clearance for about $17. I also hate shopping for clothes but it's worth it to have good clothes for hiking, agility, etc. I can't fathom hiking in jeans or doing anything athletic in them short of a quick dog walk when I'm too lazy to change.

    My Old Navy pants finally became too shredded to repair so I just bought a pair of these from Golite but admittedly their warehouse store is right across the street from my office. Very spendy but they'll last a long time, I can use them for a lot of activities and they fit nicely. So toasty as well.

  10. Thanks for the link. Here's the other problem--doesn't anyone besides me need pockets in their pants??

  11. EllenC: I've had grass stains and mud on my pants as long as I can remember. Doesn't make them any less comfy or sturdy. :-)

  12. Those pants have pockets. Definitely a requirement for dog pants.