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Monday, September 05, 2011

Weekend Quick Summary

SUMMARY: USDAA Southwest Regional is over.
I am pooped.

Tika, competing in 22" Performance,  Qed 12 of 15 Q-able rounds (but sadly only one of the two dang Snookers I was hoping to collect some Top Ten points on), and placed:
  • 4th of 13 in team gamblers, jumpers, and snooker
  • 2nd of 13 team standard
  • 5th of 16 round 1 steeplechase
  • 3rd of 29 in team relay w/teammate Brenn
  • 5th overall in team (29 teams) w/Brenn
  • 3rd of 17 in sunday's jumpers
  • 2nd of 17 in sun's Snooker (super-Q)
  • 3rd of 15 in sun's standard
  • 4th of 16 in gamblers
  • 2nd of 14 in mon's standard
  • 2nd of 12 in mon's jumpers
  • 3rd of 13 in the Grand Prix regional final round, yeah!
The one Snooker Q completed her Perf Snooker Ch Silver (25 Qs) -- now she needs only one more Standard for her Performance silver ADCH, which would match her Champion Silver ADCH.

In steeplechase round 2, she was doing great until she really whacked a foot (or two?) on the broad jump and slowed almost to a stop, so lost time plus the faults, so no $$ for us this time around.

But overall, I think I could safely say that she had a good weekend.

Boost, meanwhile, Qed in pairs Backfill: oops, updated 9/6 9a.m: and both Snookers (but not Super-Qs).

And there we have the weekend in a nutshell.

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