a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: A Taste Of Spring

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Taste Of Spring

SUMMARY: What Season Is It Really?
The first day of Autumn is just a couple of days away, and so apparently we've decided to have a heat wave, temps in the upper 90s to around 100 (up to around 38C).

Remember this (Sneaking Out Early to Santa Teresa on a Foggy Weekday Morning)? Of course you don't--I only knew to look because I had a note that I had uploaded a couple of photos.

I'm sure that this week's weather has nothing to do with why I finally gave up on planning to "someday" label all those wildflower photos from that very early morning sans-dog avec-tripod hike into Santa Teresa Park back in April.

That is, I did label them, but I opted to label a la "white flower" instead of, say, "Mariposa Lily", because I didn't know most of them and would've had to go look them up.

If you're also having the heat, or contrariwise having the cold and looking at a chilly winter ahead, well, then, this is your tiny nibble of spring. Just to remember what's behind and what's ahead. Because all 30 are now up on my photo site here.


  1. ...sigh....missing spring. Love the yellow and white flower, where it's sort of a yellow center, white outside...and the row of water drops on the leaf. Wondered if Stephanie was there on that trip...

  2. That yellow/white flower is Tidy Tips (Layia platyglossa). Steph and I never got very far into that park together--just one short hike while she was ailing, and not in wildflower season. But I thought of her sonstantly yesterday morning while I was out along the trail that we did most frequently on friday mornings, missing her more than I had imagined I would (because I had hiked this trail a lot before we started doing it together). Anyway, posting somethings from yesterday for Wordless Wednesday shortly.

  3. That missing thing catches you unawares sometimes. But I sort of welcome it as it also always brings back memories that I might not have remembered otherwise. Loved the Wordless pictures too.