a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Soutwest Regional Preview a la Taj MuttHall

Friday, September 02, 2011

Soutwest Regional Preview a la Taj MuttHall

SUMMARY: Statistics, titles, blah blah blah.

First, of course, the agility wonk combs the Bay Team archives to compare this year's Regional to prior years. Think back! Reminisce on all those fun times!

Number of entries (dogs) is about the same this year as last; runs are more I think because of the addition of the Friday night IHC classes.

YearDogs EnteredRunsDaysRingsSiteJudges
2011 340 3475 3.5 5/4 Manzanita Park Prunedale Tom Shultz, Tammy Domico, Evelyn Robertson, Jessica Ajoux, Leslie Bickel
2010 331 2913 3 5/4 Manzanita Park Michelle DuBois, Tom Kula, Evelyn Robertson, Les Sanders, Karen Gloor
2009* 426 3577 3 5/4 Manzanita Park Scott Chamberlain, Mark Wirant & Sharon Wirant, Adrienne Lynch, Tammy Domico
2008* 484 4183 3 4 Manzanita Park Scott Chamberlain, Mark Wirant & Sharon Wirant, Adrienne Lynch, Karen Gloor, Tammy Domico
2007* 527 4896 3 4 Twin Creeks S'vale Scott Chamberlain, Mark Wirant & Sharon Wirant, Sandra Katzen
2006* 475 4863 3 4 Twin Creeks Scott Chamberlain, Kim Donnell, Frank Holik, Sandra Katzen*, *Scott supv
2005* 467 4348 3 4 Twin Creeks Tom Kula, Peggy Hammond, Merlene Stiles, Jim Hibbard,*Candy Gaiser and Merlene Stiles supv
2004* 415 3939 3 4 Twin Creeks Patty Drom, Jean McKenzie, Debbie Berkley*, Chris Vaught*, *Candy Gaiser and Patty Drom supv
2003 293 2583 3 4 Twin Creeks Janet Gauntt, Frank Holik, Valerie Reiner, Tim Verrelli
2002 335 1260 (?) 3 4 Cal State Hayward Harry Guticz, Lori Montana, Eric Bruce*, Dave Grubel, *Candy Gaiser supv
2001* (non-Reg.) 375 2961 3 3? Cal State Hayward Darlene Woz, Debbie Berkley, Gary Visintainer, Tom Schulz
* West Coast Nationals

And how about this year?

Of the 340 dogs entered, 159 will be Border Collies, one of them a very cute and hopefully not bar-knocking Booster-Girl!

The next-most-common group are the All Americans, 14 of which registered as such, but also these highly individualized designer breeds:
  • 3 Aussie Kelpie
  • 2 Border Kelpie
  • Border Aussie
  • Border Corgi
  • Border Staffy
  • BC/Australian Cattle Dog
  • BC Mix
  • Beagle mix
  • Chihuahua mix
  • Craussie (that would be Teeeeeeka!)
  • Eskie-huahua
  • Pinchippet (min pin/chihuahua/whippet)
  • Rock'n'Roll Retriever
  • Shelt-inu
  • Siberian Bulldozer
  • Sweet L'l Monster
  • Uma Thurman Dog


We are expected fog and overcast all weekend, woo-hoo, maybe Tika will run fast!

Dogs per group and age

No, no, I'm not going to do all of them...you can go download the interesting statistics list or the running order catalog if you really want to, from The Bay Team's event page.

But I will note that Tika, in P3 22", will be competing in a group of 12 to 17 dogs (hrmhrm top mumble ten points hrmmmm).

Boost's group size is around 80 dogs. Dang 22" Masters.

As for age groups (not an offical group, but fun to note anyway): 41 dogs Boost's age, 14 Tika's age, and only 11 dogs older than Tika (out of the 340 entered). The largest age group is age 4, with 56 dogs.

Ring conflicts

I've been so spoiled by rotation groups, which many clubs use around here for the larger trials (which includes most of ours and SMART's). No conflicts, ever. But last weekend they did NOT run rotation groups, and since they tended to split the rings like this: 22/26" masters and everyone else -- that put Boost and Tika into different groups and I hardly had a moment to sit down. As score table czar, I think I missed two entire classes (run one dog in one ring, run the other in the other ring, run the 2nd one in the first ring, run the first one in the second ring...).

I also managed to miss one walkthrough entirely, and missed another walkthrough later but at least got to walk that one with the different group and just ran my dog late.

This weekend we'll largely be doing rotation groups, but one class each day is split the same way as last weekend, so I'll be back to managing conflicts.

And what about the Merle Girls?

15-16 runs for Tika, 14-15 for Boost (depending on Steeplechase Round 2); Boost didn't earn a single Grand Prix Q all year, so she's not eligible to run Grand Prix this weekend, whereas Tika earned a bye (3 of them, actually) into round 2 so doesn't have to run round 1 at all.

That makes, for me -- ergh-- well, a lot of running and hope the knee & hips continue to hold up, is all I can say! And we didn't even sign up for the two classes offered on Friday night.

Possible titles:
  • Tika: Perf Snooker Champion Silver (one needed, two chances)
  • Boost: Standard Champion Bronze (one needed, two chances)
  • Boost: Snooker Master (two super-Qs needed, two chances) (I must add, "when heck freezes over")
  • Boost: Jumpers Master (two needed, two chances) (and, yeh, ditto)
  • Boost: If she completes the latter two--ADCH. (Gosh, how weird to even be able to say that it's within statistical possibility, because for so long it hasn't been! Of course when I say "within statistical possibility," in this case it's like the statistical possibility of Tika fetching the newspaper on command...well, OK, actually, it's more likely than that. But that still doesn't make it very likely.)
OK, Agility Boys and Girls, that's plenty for now. Wishing you all a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

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