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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Random Things

SUMMARY: About dogs and life and this weekend.
Yes, once again, the magic of Blog-o-scope gives you my very thoughts and words even as I am miles from any known Access Portal.

  • I apparently threw out my custom orthotics with that pair of shoes that was annoying me.
  • Now is not a convenient time for the light fixture in the side yard to decide to cease functioning.
  • Why does Tika bark at every noise, even if she's heard it a million times already this evening? Does it solve anything, Tika? No, the noise keeps happening.
  • Boost likes cardboard boxes, but she especially likes them if she's feeling ignored and thinks she's not supposed to have them.
  • I can hardly wait 'til next weekend, when we do our next leg of The Bay Ridge Trail, with dogs. 8 miles. I can do that!
  • I'm long since out of room on the ribbon wall and it's only Labor Day. Guess I really need  to take down Tika's ribbons from 2010, photograph them, and take them back to the Recycled Ribbons sprite. Mind you, I'm not complaining. 
  • How could I have possibly forgotten to charge the camera batteries? Not going to try it now, or fer shure they'd still be sitting here when I arrived at the trial site for a 3-day stay.
  • Walk-throughs don't start until 8:15 Saturday morning! How cool is that? I can actually sleep in until 6ish!
  • Reports are that it's "freezing" overnight at the trial site. Guess I'll be glad for my thermal underwear, down comforter, and extra blankets. (Translation: 55ish (17.7ish C) and foggy damp.)
  • Potluck tomorrow night with friends on site! Fun times will be had by all.

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