a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: What's a Joint Like You Doing in a Nice Girl Like This?

Friday, May 13, 2011

What's a Joint Like You Doing in a Nice Girl Like This?

SUMMARY: Wednesday Night at Rancho San Antonio.
I have a sad litany of joints that are displeased with me. There's my crappy knee (the one that got operated on a few years back). It has been less happy with me in recent weeks--although I think gradually worse over months.

My right hip has been unhappy for well over a year (the one where the doctor thought it was the muscle and it needed rest but just kept getting worse? that one. There's a post about that somewhere... ok, here and here). That's the hip that's sometimes so painful that it wakes me up at night turning over, for example.

Then there's the OTHER hip, upon which I unceremoniously fell back in April at Haute TRACS during the last Steeplechase run. I think it's getting worse. It has now made my right hip's pains seem trivial. Sure, I've done two more agility trials since then, and a couple of nice brisk hikes with the sierra club also.

But, last Thursday in agility class, I discovered that the first couple of runs I just couldn't run, the stiffness and pain was too much. Walked and jogged a little around the field for several minutes to loosen up more, and then barely managed the rest of the class. Haven't done much since then. But have been feeling the lack of exercise, so I tried the Rancho San Antonio Hike with the Sierra Club Wednesday evening. I was chugging along with a bit of hitch in my giddyup, chatting, thinking a bit about the pains, and determined to just man up and get through it--only 2 hours, 5-6 miles and 800 feet elevation, really, a babe could do it!

I made it up the steep water tower hill, about 30-40 minutes in, but, when we continued down the other side, and I had a chance to think about how much it hurt to keep up, I realized, wow, I really shouldn't be out hiking.

The taste of failure.

I still had, of course, 40 minutes of hiking by myself back to MUTT MVR. I wasn't incapacitated, but my hip was not not not happy. My condolence was that I got to snap a few photos on my way back (the troupe goes way too fast to snap photos while we're moving).

I therefore also skipped class with the dogs last night. I still haven't called the doctor to have things checked. Blah.

But, here ya go, Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve in the hour before sunset--on my photo site.


  1. Ugh, so sorry you have to go through that pain. If you are going to hike through pain, mentally dwelling on it is probably not the best strategy. The body will go where the mind sends it. However hiking through pain is probably not the best plan unless the doctor says it's o.k. Seems like more these days they're advocating more active recoveries to orthopedic injuries but still would be good to have that come from a doctor.

    In any case, I hope you feel better.

  2. Not good. Time to go to the doctor...otherwise you'll have to curtail all the FUN stuff!

    Loved the back lit oat grass and the elderberry blossom and the eucalyptus side lit photos. And the creek with the flash.

  3. Hmm, you like it better with the flash, huh? I thought it looked too--flashed--or something. But obviously I couldn't decide.

  4. Oh boy, that sucks. I agree with the others, time to get some medical attention.

    Love love love that backlit oat grass photo!

    I can't decie about the flash or no flash. The no flash looks more "correct" to me, but the flash looks more interesting and dramatic.

  5. Yep, went back and looked again and I liked the creek with the flash...just looked more mysterious.

  6. Loved the small waterfall. Really lovely. Definintely time for some consult time with doc. Too many joints in pain.

  7. Thanks, Dawn. Yup, saw MD yesterday, got xrays. Need to talk more.

  8. One word - YOGA!

  9. Mandy: That's what my renter says to me every time I complain about anything sore. :-) I know you're both right!