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Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Device Dog Owners Shouldn't Be Without

SUMMARY: The Tick Key!
Bummer that I never got around to setting up my web site so that, when someone clicks through from Taj MuttHall to buy something, I get 3 cents for it, because you will all want this, I guarantee it.

I am completely sold. No more tweezers, pluckers, grabbers for me. This has worked amazingly well. An agility friend--Jersey and Sheila's Human Mom--showed it to me when we were out hiking, and I was mildly skeptical about the gimmick factor, but it worked nicely for her, so I ordered one (purple, of course) and have had it since mid-winter.

O.M.G! It works so well, on my dogs. Pure genius! The big seller today is that, after my romp in the creek bed on saturday, it never occurred to me to check myself for ticks. So there I was at work, scratched at my scalp, and there was a daggummed tick. I could barely see it in the mirror, it was far enough around my skull. Fortunately the tick key was in the car. I was able to get it under the tick and remove the little bloodsucker with almost no effort at all, and no pinching or squeezing as it comes off (which you're supposed to avoid so that you don't squish any disease into your dog, which is difficult to avoid at times).

I am SO SOLD on this thing. Before, when ticks have liked my hair, it's been off to the doctor's office or find a nearby assistant with some experience at pulling ticks off. This replaces all that.

Well worth the $7 or whatever they charge.

Here's their web site: http://www.tickkey.com/; some pet stores carry it, too.

They even have a youtube video on how to use it, if you're not too squeamish to see ticks close up.

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  1. That looks nice - I have something similar (the V-slot), but it's too easy to lose - I can just put that on my keychain!