a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Class Night

Friday, May 20, 2011

Class Night

SUMMARY: Everything's normal and the photos are all blurry.
We all went to class last night. I ran just fine, although I did warm up a bit more than usual to be sure I could run. Tika did everything right; Boost did almost everything right--great weaves!--and knocked at least one bar every exercise. Normal normal normal.

Watching the other dogs run is inspiring.
Silvina and TCam demonstrate their pretty new high-five trick.
Silvina brought empanadas and Jim likes that. So do the rest of us.
Nancy never holds still long enough for a photo.
Stacy and Roo (?) are new to our class. That curly tail never stops being curled!
Isn't that just the cutest border collie in the known universe? Now she has FOUR different colors in her eyes!
OK, if Tika can't have the treats on the chair, she'll check between every blade of grass for crumbs, since I never feed the poor thing.
I intended to get a photo of Tracey and Cal coming towards us. Apparently this camera is confused.
Boost loves watching the other dogs run.
Oh--wait--that's not Boost!  Imagine that you and your siblings grew up and moved out and then your parents had more kids. Here's Boost and her little sister TCam, who already knocks a whole lot fewer bars than Boost does. But not zero. They were working on not being rewarded for knocking bars.
Sisters! And then my camera filled up and I couldn't remember how to delete a couple of photos so I could try some better shots. Next week!


  1. Cool seeing Boost and her sis side by side -- definitely some family resemblance going on there!

    Roo (?) is a neat-looking dog -- any idea what breed or mix of breeds?

  2. I don't know about Roo. Wondered, myself, but never got around to asking.

  3. Got to the shot of "Boost" watching and thought...'wow, Boost sure looks different from the side.." and THEN you said that was her sister! HA! I can spot Boost even from way over here in MI!

  4. @Dawn: You're good! In person, there's something about their body shapes and the way they move and act that makes them seem much more similar than they appear in the photos when holding still.