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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Two for the Price Of--

SUMMARY: Can you do math? Can they?
At CVS, you can buy one 6.4-oz regular flavor toothpaste:

OR you can buy TWO 6.4-oz regular flavor toothpastes TAPED TOGETHER for VALUE!

So how much does that tape cost, anyway?


  1. when i went in with my camera a few days after noticing it, they were on sale. The singles at 3 for $5, the value pack "on sale" still at 5.49 but you get a cert for $3 off a future purchase, if there's something else you want to purchase for at least $3 before it expires in a couple of weeks. So, basically, although they say it's "Like paying 2.49", it is not, in fact, paying $2.49; it's paying $5.49.

  2. Ha! Everyone says CVS has so many amazing coupons. Now I see how it works. LOL!

  3. To be fair, they do often have coupons and discounts that I use. Like, I recently got a cash register coupon for 25% off a future purchase of $20 or more. Jeez, when am I ever going to spend that much at CVS in one trip? But then I needed razor blades, and holy cow, a pack of 6 was $21. Voila, instant 25% sale on razor blades. (I didn't check, say, target or rite aid or safeway to compare prices. But based on experience I don't think that CVS is any worse normally.

  4. I looked at this on Friday while at work and burst out laughing. No one really laughs there so it was a bit odd...but fun!

  5. Too bad that no one ever laughs where you work! That's sad. Glad I could help, though. :-)