a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: It's a Beautiful Night

Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's a Beautiful Night

SUMMARY: Just dropping by for a note.
The rain has stopped--at least temporarily. I'm getting the stack on the dining table slowly pared back down to size (while cleaning around the house, have been tossing everything out-of-place or with no place onto the table), dogs and I and Friday Walkies friend walked over to the sopping wet park and threw the frisbees for the dogs for a bit (first time I or they had been for a walk in 6 days I think), xmas tree lights are beautiful.

If only I had some home-made frosted sugar cookies sitting in front of me at this very moment.

Ah, probably better that I don't!

And to all a good night.

(Xmas season is a serious business!)


  1. It was a good Walkies for me. I hope it didn't tax you and your *cough, cough* lungs too much!

  2. Nope, but I'll tell ya, after a week of pretty much nothing, that little tiny walk plus a walk from one end of the mall to the other later that day really told my legs off!

  3. I'm pretty sure homemade sugar cookies are not sanctioned by WW. Cause they can't make any money on those...

    Glad you got the walk in between the rain. We've been watching your area on the news. It looks damp.

  4. Today I've had no rain at all that I've noticed. The north bay area got some, and monterey and south of there looked like they were rained on most of the day, but in the middle here, nope. Tomorrow & wed expect a lot more, though.

    WW sanctions anything you want to eat! But you're right, I haven't seen them package up frosted sugar cookies yet.