a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Dropping In on Mom and Dad

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Dropping In on Mom and Dad

SUMMARY: Brief visit after the flea market.
Correction: Next morning, 8:30 a.m.:   Oops, got the anniversary year wrong. Fixed below (in red).

I needed to drop something off at my parents' place, and since they live just a couple of miles from the flea market, I headed up there yesterday right after fleeing the fleaing.

Dad was out raking up leaves, but the tree and the wind were conspiring to throw down more even as he worked. He didn't mind, and also didn't go back for the new ones. He's not one to let mere trees dictate his activities.

At Christmas, there's always a wreath on the outside of the front door.

And, on the inside, there's always a set of real jinglebells, from my mom's grandfather's sleigh.

Inside--oh, look, my seeester and her husby from the flea market dropped by, too, and are checking out Mom's birthday cards.

 My parents still have the decoration from their big 50th Anniversary party a few years ago. This coming year will be their 57th.
 It was Christmas decorating time at their house!  All the boxes were out and Mom was supervising.  They always have a bowl of nuts on the table, with a nutcracker. Fond memory from my childhood; I still do that at home for the Christmas season. My youngest nephew was partaking of them--
When he wasn't helping to set up Mom's vast and fascinating village, which runs along about 10 feet of the bookcases. (Almost all of it was gifts. Mom keeps saying "no more!"  but then there's be this one little thing that's just perfect for the village...)
This little tree used to be my Dad's Mom's. It comes apart and stores flat. We used to love setting that up every year, too.
Oh, wow, cool! I made this plate back in--uh--elementary school, anyway, but I no longer remember when or where or why (except that it was for a gift, and was done in either school or girl scouts). It involved laying out little plastic granules on, probably, aluminum foil and baking it to melt it together.
Another seester was helping to find my parents' Christmas music  to play in the background.  "What is this curious big black round thing?"
I couldn't decide which photo I liked best. "Whaaaahnnnnnh??? What dis big black round thing?"
In this one she's just her usual beautiful laughing self. But still with a large black round thing.

I needed to mosey on off into the sunset--well, actually only 11:00, and it was raining, but their street's autumn colors gave me a good sunset-colored sendoff anyway.
I'm so lucky to have so much of my family nearby.

Happy Holiday prep to all of you, whichever holidays you prefer to celebrate.


  1. Not only are you lucky that you still have so much family to share your life--you're also very wise to know how lucky you are.

  2. "Whoa", those sleigh bells are super cool!! What a piece of family history.

    Lots of neat family items and traditions, actually. I love that kinda stuff. Enjoy!

  3. Your folks remind me a lot of mine. Thanks for sharing them! :)

    I really like the sleigh bells and the little Christmas tree. So cool to have family things from that far back. Makes you realize how important those family members were (and are) even to the youngsters who never met them.