a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Flea Market: No Dogs Allowed

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Flea Market: No Dogs Allowed

SUMMARY: Doesn't that seem somehow appropriate?

But it wasn't a completely dog-free day, as we shall see.

The DeAnza College Flea Market, held the first saturday of every month, is one of my favorite places to go and browse. So much to look at, and sometimes some great things to buy, as well. Plus the fresh-made crepes first thing in the morning. (Forgot to take a picture this time! Drat!)

Rain was threatening today, so the vendors were a little sparser than usual. We arrived at 8, had our crepes, and proceeded apace. We wore, like, jeans, fleece, and comfy walking shoes (and you can see that most others do so, also). Some people, however, turn it into a fashion event.

The flea market has become primarily "vendors" (in contrast to people emptying their garages or attics). But that means that there's a lot of cool stuff that you wouldn't find elsewhere.

This guy's mom decoupages pretty images in glass, and they'll do custom ones for you of anything you want. I bought one as a gift.

This vendor sells a lot of interesting hats. You'd really be showing yourself to be a Niners fan in that hat! But how about all those animal-head hats? Check out that cute black and white dog head just begging to go home with you. (See--not dog-free!)  Hand knit (but I suspect hand-knit in bulk).
This guy makes amazingly life-like and charming animals out of waste metal. Tempting! If only I had someplace to put one.
 Did you know that toe socks are back in? How about toe socks with faces? (Wouldn't it be kind of weird to have your feet look up at you?)
 How about toe socks with a blue dog? I wonder whether it's a Kerry Blue Terrier?
You can even get dog tags for your dog socks.

There were actually quite a few vendors and sellers with dog-related stuff. One trainer even set up a booth to drum up business.

Then there are the purveyors of things like tools and hardware-related stuff, all of course with hand-lettered signs with their bargain prices.
But the best bargains are still often to be found at the random-stuff garage-cleaning sellers' booths!

Just what every classy bathroom needs:
 Made me smile.
 Oooh---best kind of seller! What treasures await at truly bargain prices?

This interesting little doggie was offered for $20, with a big hand-lettered sticker noting that it was "From Japan".
Sometime after 10:00, as we were getting close to finishing our rounds, it began to drizzle. This vendor all of a sudden started doing a brisk business.
 Some sellers were prepared, but it the opaque white made it hard to see what they were offering.
Others were prepared AND clever:
 The vendors with canopies suddenly became popular, too.
I don't see what all the fuss was about. Check out my Cynosports umbrella! How agility geeky is THAT? Do you like the fabric that my cart bag is made of? Thanks, seester!
The only problem with the rainy bits is that everyone decided to leave at once--the parking lots AND the huge 4-story parking garage. Through a single  one-lane exit. Took me 20 minutes to get out of the place.
How can one resist? For $4, this beautiful large upholstered octagonal box with lid in excellent condition that'll match my sister's sun & moon decor perfectly. For $5, this large sturdy ceramic planter in dark green that'll match my house (and I was actually looking for one). And who could pass up this hat for $3? I mean, really?
I also bought a bay-leaf wreath for Xmas decor (do it every year) and some beautiful cyclamen in better condition than you'd usually find at nurseries for $2 each in 4" pots.

Drat, forgot to take pictures of my sister and bro-in-law who went with me. Sorry, Sis!

Dogs were glad to see me when I got home, even though I didn't bring them anything.


  1. You need one of those scrap metal goats for your front lawn. Maybe it'll keep the lawn grazed. :-)

    And the doggies were so glad to see you because you brought them YOU!

  2. I need a bush-whacker critter more than a lawn-grazing critter. But it would be cute!

  3. Darn it, that woman in the first photo stole my outfit.

  4. It's back to crazy dog lady clothing for you!