a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Into the Fog

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Into the Fog

SUMMARY: Santa Teresa Park hike with dogs and friend.
We've hiked with this agility friend and her dogs before. She lives just a couple of minutes from me. We've said before that we're going to do it more often. Somehow we don't. Two busy people! She does a lot more hiking than I do, plus a whole lot of geocaching. (She's the one who finally got me to try some after all other friends failed.)

We didn't look for geocaches today, just for good opportunities to knock off some of the calories we consumed at an impromptu and small party at her place last night.

We hiked about 6 miles round trip, with cumulative elevation gains of probably 1000 feet. But--no views, sorry, fog fog fog.

At the summit, I pulled out the camera and took some shots anyway.

Sheila and Jersey and their human with a lovely view of the coastal range... oh, er, well, of fog.

We've all had our drinks of water. While their human mom puts things away and takes some pics, Tika and Boost wait patiently, collecting more ticks. (This park seems to be particularly bad in December.)

Is that the cutest border collie in the universe or what?

Is that the most beautiful whatever she is in the universe or what?

To prove we were at the top of Coyote Peak. With a nice view of San Jo... er, right.

It was very foggy. Here's our snapshot-camera-with-timer portrait.

Thank goodness for photoshop! (It *slightly* reduced the effects of the fog.)

On the way down, B noticed several interesting footprints in the mud. Deer:

And we're not sure about this one. Maybe it's two prints in one? Maybe a big dog? Probably not a mountain lion, but not entirely clear.

Now we're all very well exercised. Except that the dogs had to be on leash, so no running, so they are not actually satisfied with today's exercise quotient so far.


  1. Definitely dog track. http://www.bear-tracker.com/caninevsfeline.html

  2. And, yes! They are the cutest puppies in the universe. Or what?

  3. Thanks for suggesting the hike, Ellen! We had a great time...and I'm pooped :-)

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