a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Bleahhhhh

Thursday, December 16, 2010


So here's the thing. A little sore throat midweek last week. Then this odd thing where one side of my nose started running like crazy. Felt plenty good enough over the weekend to go to the movies, get a christmas tree, and go for a really excellent hike. By Monday evening, though, it all went to pot. Dang cold. BOTH sides of my nose running and the rest of me not so much; more fatigue than explainable, a tiny fever for a couple of mornings. Sooo congested.

So: Doing nothing with the dogs. Cancelled out of class (but then it got rained out anyway, yay, so I'm not out a week's class--except no more classes scheduled until the new year! Ack!), cancelled out of a work-related party, cancelled out of tomorrow's weekly walkies. Yesterday, DROVE the dogs to the schoolyard--to which I usually blithely walk .6 miles each way and then around its .25 circumference several times--threw the frisbee, Tika pooped, the trash can was on the far side of the field, and walking over there felt like about 20 miles.

I made a foray into the grocery store, with sanitary mask, because I was running out of everything useful. Not all that hungry, but a LITTLE hungry.

Ventured out again briefly today with my sanitary mask, but not a lot of walking, still tired but maybe not as much; sudafed helps a bit with the runny nose. But there are still symptoms; I'm not done yet. Went out and threw the ball for the dogs and did a little tug of war, 1st time in 3 days I think. But every time I bent over, nose started running! Dang! It's *me* that's supposed to be running!

Meanwhile, I've suspected that I probably missed ticks on the dogs from Sunday's hike; just right as I write this, noticed TWO on Boost's face near one eye, dangit, those will be hard to get off. And nose runs when I bend forward. And I'm tired. But--gotta do it. REALLY makes me think that there are others on them that I haven't found yet.

I've been frequently checking around their ears & haven't found any; that usually seems to be their favorite place. I was late on their FrontLine application this month--ran out--and so didn't apply until after the hike. Apparently that's a bad thing. (Or maybe it wouldn't help with the face anyway, and that's why they went there?)

So--off to detick, then more chx soup, then maybe to bed. Or, um, mindlessly doing things on the computer.


  1. So sorry you were sick. I'm using the word "WERE" in the hopes that you're on the mend now. And the hope there were no more ticks on the dogs either. Or that you gave up and mindlessly surfed the internet instead of all of it!

  2. No more ticks so far. Getting better for sure: Finally had a decent night's sleep last night. Thanks!