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Thursday, October 07, 2010

USDAA Titles by Breed

SUMMARY: Dinking around on the USDAA site again.
I'm not sure how I ended up here, but it's fun to see that, when Tika earned her Tournament Platinum, she was only the 10th-ever All-Breed (All-American, Mixed Breed, what have you) to do so, and now remains one of only 16 All-Breeds ever. Compare that to, say, only 321 dogs of any breed (205 of which are Border Collies).

(That's 50 Championship Tournament Qs, BTW.)

It's also interesting to note how the number of dogs dwindles as the titles get higher and require more (I suppose that's obvious, but still--). For example for *all* breeds, here's how many dogs have earned the Standard titles progression:
  • Starters Standard: 4,948  (3 Starters Std Qs)
  • Advanced Standard: 3,117 (3 Adv Qs)
  • Standard Agility Master: 2,764 (5 masters Qs)
  • Standard Champion: 1,559 (10 mast Qs)
  • Standard Ch Bronze: 1,007 (15 mast Qs)
  • Standard Ch Silver: 506 (25 mast Qs)
  • Standard Ch Gold: 295 (35 mast Qs)
  • Standard Ch Platinum: 157 (50 mast Qs)
Tika got up to Silver, but then I moved her over to Performance, so the count restarted at the Standard Agility Master level equivalent and she has to work her way up again. She's almost at Accomplished Standard Bronze. Maybe this year.  (Already has Gamblers, Snooker, and Relay Bronze in Performance, but not quite Standard or Jumpers.)

And have I ever mentioned that the first Australian Shepherd (which Tika was originally registered as) to earn her USDAA Agility Dog Championship was named Tika? (See this and use the "go to" to go to the last page.)

So anyway, back to Tika; among All-Americans, she's one of only:
  • 21 to earn ADCH Silver
  • 33 to earn Standard Champion Silver
  • 55 to earn Snooker Champion Silver
  • 25 to earn Relay Champion Silver
  • 42 to earn Jumpers Champion Silver
  • 26 to earn Gamblers Champion Silver
  • 22 to earn Accomplished Gambler Bronze (that's the Performance version)
  • 7 to earn Accomplished Relay Bronze (huh, why is performance relay so hard? Not enough dogs competing in some areas?)
  • 51 to earn Accomplished Snooker Bronze (hey--why does everyone complain about Snooker being so hard?)
  • 29 to earn Accomplished Tournament Bronze
  • If she picks up a Steeplechase or Grand Prix this weekend, one of 10 Accomplished Tournament Silver
Compare to 366 who earned their Starters Standard or 356 who earned their P1 Standard.

And compare THAT to  1825 Border Collies who earned their Starters Standard or 360 who earned their P1 Standard.  Hm! Interesting that the P1 numbers are about the same as for All-Americans.

OK, I was going to go to bed early, but noooo, it was statistics suck (like tunnel suck for dogs). Now I'm off.


  1. Dagnabbed course design, putting those darn statistics as such a tempting offcourse next to the bed! It'll getcha every time.

    Tika sure has accomplished a lot of neat stuff.

  2. Heh heh heh. A friend commented about my detailed data collection this weekend and joked about making pie charts and graphs--ooooh! Maybe that's next! (Not like I have anything else to do with my time.)

  3. I'm an analyst in my day job so I totally hear ya! :D